Moments of 2020, CT Family Photographer

What to say about a year that changed the lives for so many. The vision of 2020 as some have referred to it will certainly be a year we will remember and tell our children’s children about one day. As we wrap up 2020 and look with hope and promise for 2021, we are continuing to adjust, thriving in this daily change, and moving forward to figure it all out.

With so much adversity throughout the year there has been wonderful silver linings that have come to life. Those remarkable, simple blessings that shine through when we slow things down. When plans keep us homebound and we discover new ways of staying connected with our friends and family.

It hasn’t all been easy or pretty at times, the heartache is real, the unknown overwhelming. The all-consuming reality of work, childcare, safety. The real responsibility felt within to help keep others and our community safe.

For our family, we have found simple ways to keep our spirits high. Back in the summer, Justin started a “pickup” playlist for Joseph that has become their sweet quarantine “thing.” It gets Joseph out of the house for a little, they drive past all the fire stations in our area which is the highlight of JoJo’s day. Lately, Joseph has been singing “Thank you” by Boyz II Men, a song Justin added months ago. In his cute little 2.5 year old voice, he belts it out, on repeat…

“‘Cause even though when times got rough
You never turned away, you were right there
And I thank you, thank you.”

Click below to listen to JoJo’s version of “Thank you” by Boyz II Men 🙂

Pretty fitting for a year we remained there for each other.

Beauty, courage, trust, hope, faith, growth, love, loyalty, joy, comfort, commitment, strength, fight, tenderness, encouragement, family, togetherness.

Words that stood out to me as I look back at the photographs I had the honor of capturing for families. One thing that is constant…we have remained deeply rooted in what we know is true.

Here are some moments of 2020.

Enjoy & stay safe all. xo

Welcoming Liana
April, 2020

Marissa and Danny Maternity
June, 2020

Family Tradition
September, 2020
Fia and Derek Maternity
September, 2020

As You Grow
October, 2020

All You Need is Love
October, 2020
That Growing Heart
December, 2020